Posted by: kwilson | 18th Sep, 2007

good source, bad source

good source:

bad source:

it was kind of hard to find a “bad” source because I am researching germans and the Holocaust, but when i typed in germans + Holocaust into google, I got a lot of websites about comparing Germany to Iran…which…is not so helpful.


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It is amazing the amount of unuseful stuff you can get with a serious topic. When I looked up Civil War, I got Web Sites to Civil war merchandise for sale.

Don’t you just love how much you have to refine your search terms to be able to find what you want? I know that ether by itself will bring up a bunch of stuff about networking, and yet I keep typing it into the search bar.

Kari – I have found nothing really on HP but I have been able to use internet sources for Conscientious Objector information. My two articles from interlibrary loan finally came in too…. So its good times here. How about you? You sounded confident today.