Posted by: kwilson | 25th Sep, 2007

Note Taking

I have to take very good notes in order for me to be able to study. In my AP US history class we had to take notes in outline form and from then on that is how I take notes (or some version of that). Usually for history classes I take notes in outline form, but for others I just write things down. Outline format is really helpful in history because it is has a clear and easy to read format. Whatever kind of notes I take I always go back and highlight them. I use a different color for people’s names, dates, key events and places. This makes me look really OCD but it helps keep me organized. Also, by highlighting, I get to reread my notes and I have to decide what the important facts are. I use the same format for taking notes in class as I do for researching (color coding and everything). If I don’t I will get really unorganized and have no idea where or what anything is.


Highlighting your note is a great idea! I think I will also try your suggestion of using an outline.–Cheryl

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Yeah, I like your idea of highlighting, too. I also like the idea of looking over your notes again. Usually what I do is sometimes when I am especially disciplined, look over my notes the night following the lecture and fix any spelling errors and make the notes neater. I have always wished that I highlighted my notes, but something about it just stops me. It is quite unfortunate.