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secondary source

Gellately, Robert. Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany. Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2001.

1.Provide some information about the author.
Robert Gellately is a professor at Florida State University and a European historian.

2. Why did the author write this book? What’s the author’s perspective?
He wrote this book in order to show people that it wasn’t just the SS officers who were persecuting the Jews, but also ordinary people. His perspective is that all Germans participated in some way in Hitler’s regime.

3. What is the author’s methodology? What sources does the author use? What is the book’s thesis?
Gellately uses federal archives, regional archives, newspapers, secondary sources, and published documentary collections. His thesis is that all Germans new what was going on about the Holocaust and that they were all willing to participate in it.
4. When was the book written?
5. How will you use the source for your paper?
This will be useful because it has a lot of information about how ordinary Germans participated in Hitler’s regime and the Holocaust.
6. What are some of the problems that you foresee in using this source for your paper?
This book makes it seem like every person living in Nazi Germany was pro-Nazi and it doesn’t deal with any resistance movements. Also, it groups the Germans as a whole, not by individual regions.

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