Posted by: kwilson | 4th Oct, 2007

A truth and a lie….

I am a huge Indianapolis Colts fan. I have been since I was a little kid. Since I used to live in a suburb of Indianapolis when I was in elementary and middle school, I was able to go to many games and I have been a fan ever since. Football has always been a major part of my family’s life. On Sundays we’d get all decked out in our Colts jerseys, watch the game, and have Buffalo wings, onion rings and seven layer taco dip. I have Dwight Freeney’s and Brandon Stokley’s jersey, my sister has Marvin Harrison’s and my mom has Peyton Manning’s. We also have Brandon Stokley’s and Peyton Manning’s autograph. I get really nervous when watching important games. Last year, during the AFC championship game, my friends had to make me watch the game from the hallway because I was too hysterical. After we won the AFC championship game, my friend and I ran around Ball Circle and wrote “GO COLTS” in the snow. We had a huge Super Bowl party at my house and the decorations and Super Bowl champs banner are still hanging in my family room.

I live in a very rural area and have lived there for the past 12 years. When I was in middle school everyone rode horses so I decided that I wanted to ride them too. So one day I asked my friend Sarah if she could teach me how to ride a horse. She took me out to her stables and introduced me to Pancake, who was her older sister’s horse. Since I am terrified of heights, it was very hard for me to get onto the horse. After about what felt like an eternity of trying, I finally did it. It took a little while for Pancake and I to get to know each other, which made the fact that I was riding on a gigantic horse even scarier. Finally, Pancake warmed up to me and started behaving. For the next few weeks, Sarah taught me all the basics that I needed to know when riding a horse. I loved riding Pancake. It felt like a totally different world when I was riding her. Since I was in middle school, I started to collect toy horses and anything with a horse on it (notebooks, pens, posters, you name it, I had it.) While I don’t have the notebooks, pens and posters anymore, I still love riding horses whenever and wherever I can.


I think the second one is made up. Pancake as the horses name sounds familar, like it came from a book or something that I have read before. It just seems too made up. Also, you must truly be a colts fan to mention Brandon Stokley twice in your story. Nobody cares about Brandon Stokely except for colts fans, and now that he is gone, denver bronco fans.

wow, which do you love horses or the Colts? Pretty good. I’ll go with the Colts, just because, I don’t know which to pick.

I’m not a huge sports fan, so I know very little about the Colts, but I lived in Virginia Hall last year and I don’t remember seeing “Go Colts” on the Circle so I’d say that that is the false one.

I think number one is true…..

1…I lived in VA hall on the 3rd floor and heard you all screaming at the TV during the game.
2…I saw you all write go colts in the snow while I was outside
3…your facebook pictures don’t lie about that party.

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That’s awesome that you’re a fellow Colts fan! Do you really ride horses? I’ve been doing dressage for several years now 🙂